Fabulous Women Group

Are you a 50+ Fabulous Woman?

The answer is yes - if you're 50 or older. We're all Fabulous!!!

Women's 50+ Empowerment Group meeting twice a month in my Manhattan office.

This is a group for women 50 and older who are looking for community and want to explore topics, share experiences and empower one another.



  • Loving Our Beautiful Bodies
  • Stepping Into Our Power
  • What Lights You Up?
  • Thriving Through It All
  • Self Love
  • Up-Leveling
  • Embracing Joy
  • ......and more!

What others are saying....

"My Fabulous Women's Group has consistently demonstrated the enormous potential women have to empower each other. Women truly have the ability to reach into the depths of human emotional wisdom, and to mirror the reminder of that ability back to each other."

Jeannine Crouse,  LCSW, SEP




Fabulous Women is a very special space where I feel safe to shine. I feel nurtured in a way that supports me in loving myself. I am growing in my authentic expression and feel as though I am contributing to the other women through insight and an open heart. We are all a reflection of one

Darryn Murdoch, LCSW

Email me or call for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if this group is right for you.